Contributing to a better world, one completed item at a time.

Megaproductive's users are by nature people who aim to make the most of their day. They capture any actionable items, set goals, and work through them on a daily basis. Some of these actions genuinely contribute to a better world.

Contribute aims to provide a platform, or stage, if you will, to those who actively contribute to making the world a better place, no matter how small the effort.

To encourage our users to do good, and get recognition for it at the same time, they will soon be able to mark any completed item as a 'contribution', which results in the item(s) being displayed here, hopefully encouraging others to do the same. Once we're past the initial stage, and more social features have been added to Megaproductive, we'll introduce a praise system that will allow others to both validate and highlight any 'contributed' items.

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